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Year Established: 2020 Location: Dezhou city, Shandong

SHANDONG YOUCHI GAS IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD is a reputable manufacturer and supplier working on adsorbents, O2 generators, compressors and CO2 plants research, production, marketing, and services. We are in Dezhou city, Shandong, which has easy access to transportation. Our expert team is here to answer any questions you may have and is committed to ensuring your total happiness. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional services. We are experienced in selling goods to Turkey, India, Argentina, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, etc and other regions, and we enjoy a good reputation among clients. YouChi Gas is staffed with industry-leading experts in software and hardware development, senior design, stringent production, a powerful Operation Center, and careful after-sales service. People at YouChi Gas believe in dreams, integrity, honesty, and goodness. YouChi Gas has always been "responsible for trust," acting as a conscientious enterprise that contributes to social progress and people's well-being.

Shanghai Powerbuilder Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

Location: Shanghai, Shanghai

System integration and the production of industrial equipment are Shanghai PowerBuilder's primary business activities as a dynamic, rapidly expanding, innovative worldwide automation solutions provider.Our company, which is based in Shanghai, China, has six pre- and after-sales service centers located in Los Angeles, USA, Mexico, Penang, Malaysia, UK, and Hong Kong, in addition to three research and manufacturing sites. Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and America are all served by our varied distribution and onsite services. We rely on our global network of resources and team of specialists, certified by ISO9001, ISO13485, and CE, to provide optimal solutions to meet the needs of our clients. For our international partners, we offer turn-key, one-stop solutions.Adhering to the "local service" principle guarantees both the availability of equipment and services locally as well as our customers' ability to receive the expert service they need.The R&D and manufacturing centers of PowerBuilder Global are highly involved in the research and production of equipment for products linked to gas equipment, instrumentation, environmental protection, full protection, and other relevant industries.Product lines from Powerbuilder:Customized robotics and automation systems: We offer system development and research and development as well as automation equipment. include robotic integration systems, assembly lines, automated sensor testing and calibration systems, and bespoke production line design and manufacturing. Many of the top 500 companies in the world, including Shanghai Electric, ABB, Honeywell, and Bosch, have used our company's "turnkey" intelligent manufacturing solutions.2. Equipment connected to personal protective equipment (PPE): systems for producing gloves, masks, earplugs, safety shoe covers, and other related goods.3. Gas and environmental system: Offer online monitoring, VOC treatment, and solvent recovery system solutions. By providing clients all over the world with high-quality equipment, we have developed a solid reputation.In addition, WE offer professional gas equipment management systems as well as PSA nitrogen and oxygen generators. Our gas equipment is widely utilized in the medical and industrial domains. It is sold to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America, where it has formed enduring partnerships with our clients.4. Calibration system and instrumentation: Our organization has extensive knowledge in the development of test systems that are associated with instrumentation research and development. A number of water flow and gas calibration systems with various diameters have been installed. Shanghai Electric and ABB are among the clients.ABB Instrumentations' sales agent for analytical measurement, force measurement, temperature measurement, level measurement, flow meter, water and gas analyzer, and petitioners.5. Packaging solutions: Offer stacking and horizontal, vertical, and bespoke automatic cartooning machines. Offer pharmaceutical, food, everyday chemical, hardware, auto parts, and medical industries specialized integrated packaging solutions.6. PU foaming equipment: We are able to develop, manufacture, and customize any type of polyurethane elastomeric casting machine, as well as high- and low-pressure foaming apparatus, numerical glue filling machines, mold bearing production lines, and other full sets of polyurethane equipment.7. Lab apparatus and solutions: Develop and produce customized laboratory-level sensor durability test systems (e.g., long-lasting air conditioning test rig, multiple online performance experiment system), new material properties and dynamic analysis system, etc.Seiko builds brands with quality, leads the industry in technology, and does precise work. We view excellent quality as the cornerstone of corporate development. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the greatest tools and cutting-edge technologies, abiding by the motto "customer first, reputation wins, excellent quality, excellent service".A world-class automation expert at your disposal is PowerBuilder.

Main Products & Services:
Customized Automation System / Robotic
Calibration System
PPE Related Fabrication Line

Jiaye Technology (Dongtai) Co., Ltd.

Location: Yancheng, Jiangsu

Jiaye Company has assisted our clients in finding ways to achieve the most affordable on-site nitrogen production and the best productivity of associated equipment since its founding in 2006. Jiaye's sustainable development will keep becoming a reality in the future. will aggressively encourage modifications throughout the sector.Jiaye Technology (Dongtai) Co., Ltd. founded its production factory in 2019 with the goal of providing excellent customer service. The current jailer production factory is located in Jiangsu and comprises a manufacturing plant spanning roughly 28, 500m2, an area of 2,000m2, a research and development center, and modern office space.About 100 people work in the 2 Parts Center.Jiaye's sales income is expected to reach 4.5 million US dollars in 2020. The Jiaye Company is a top producer and supplier of equipment for nitrogen production on-site, oxygen production, nitrogen repurification, hydrogen creation from ammonia breakdown, compressed air purification, and nitrogen production systems. With cutting-edge technology and decades of experience in product manufacture, Jiaye Company offers services throughout the whole product life cycle. Jiaye Company therefore distinguishes itself, offers exceptional value, and aids clients in achieving cost-competitive production success.

Main Products & Services:
Oxygen Generator
Psa Oxygen Generator
Oxygen Plant
Oxygen Machine
Oxygen Producing ...

Jiangsu Baolian Gas Co. , Ltd.

Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu

Based on the technical management team of the American Sub Group, Jiangsu Baolian Gas Co., Ltd. depends on Suzhou Baolian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.'s processing power and on Creativity Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.'s advanced technology introduction as an extension of a high-tech gas company. Strong autonomous capabilities for research and development are possessed by the proficient and skilled staff of Baolian Gas Company. Based on the introduction of cutting-edge VPSA oxygen production technology from Europe and the US and a wealth of real-world experience in many sectors and fields in China, it offers customers suitable oxygen supply solutions.Baolian has cemented its important position in the oxygen sector through effective market positioning and superior quality assurance. Our efforts are directed by customer expectations, and customer pleasure serves as our primary motivator.Speedy execution and effective docking. With the constant introduction of cutting-edge foreign machinery and VPSA oxygen production technology, Baolian Gas has significantly increased the quality of its products and their competitiveness in the market.The method of producing VPSA oxygen involves using molecular sieves to selectively adsorb nitrogen from the air at room temperature in order to separate the gases.The adsorption tower receives the filtered air through the blower's delivery system. Nitrogen diffuses into the molecular sieve solid due to the adsorption force as air passes through the tower's molecular sieve, while oxygen passes through the bed and into the buffer tank through the upper pipe. Tower A immediately transfers the air to Tower B when the adsorbent achieves a particular saturation. Vacuuming nitrogen from the nitrogen exhaust muffler outlet discharge breaks down and regenerates the adsorption saturated molecular sieve. The oxygen compressor pressurizes and outputs oxygen for the user from the buffer tank.Large-scale container processing is a strength of Baolian Gas Company. It assures not only the complete assurance of product quality, but also the timely manufacturing of supplies and equipment.Professional design and manufacture are a result of Baolian people's unwavering commitment to producing high-quality oxygen equipment. The Baolian team works to ensure that every production process is rigorously controlled and that the best goods are delivered to consumers with a craftsman spirit of excellence.Through remote control, Baolian Gas Company's innovative remote hosting system for PSA oxygen equipment may help users operate the equipment simply and effectively resolve issues that new users may encounter when using the equipment. [Remote cloud monitoring software for the Baolian Oxygen System] [Switch for the Baolian Gas Oxygen System]"Establishing a brand with service and seeking a future through cooperation" is the development model that Baolian Gas Company completely follows. Cooperating clients have widely acknowledged the excellent quality, attention to detail, and enthusiasm of these services. Baolian Gas VPSA oxygen equipment is currently in low supply both domestically and internationally, and the company exports its goods to Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Russia, Myanmar, and other countries. Many different products are utilized extensively in over a dozen industries, including glass, nonferrous metals, papermaking, metallurgy, environmental protection, and the chemical industry.[Projects including Rizhao Senbo Paper, export to Pakistan, domestic pharmaceutical intermediate, and export to the Philippines]Green and sustainable development, environmental protection, and a team of Baolian individuals with aspirations from all over the world are the core values of this outstanding organization. Collaboration, exchange, development, and win-win

Main Products & Services:
Nitrogen Generator
Oxygen Generator
Hydrogen Generator
Psa Nitrogen Generator
Psa ...

Jiangyin Yangtian Gas Equipment Co., Ltd.

Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu

Company Type: Confirmed ManufacturerLocation: China's Mainland Jiangsu VerifiedThe primary items offered are the gas tank, air dryer machine, air compressor, nitrogen generator, and PSA nitrogen generator.Eleven to fifty workers in totalRevenues totaled between $1 million and $2 million every yearEstablished Year: 2013 ConfirmedJiangyin Yangtian Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. is a privately held joint-stock company that is currently based in the Jiangnan Water Town in Jiangyin Month. It is situated next to the high-speed qingyang River and occupies approximately 10,000 square meters. The company is made up of a modern industrial factory building that occupies 4,000 square meters, as well as business intelligent office space that occupies 1000 square meters.A company that conducts research, development, design, production, manufacture, sales, and servicing of various types of industrial gas equipment in order to offer expert industrial gas resources and related goods.In addition to aggressively exploring and developing new techniques and technologies, the company consistently upholds the "people-oriented, realistic and innovative, customer first, quality first" ideal. It also actively introduces cutting-edge technology and scientific research both domestically and internationally.Innovation, cutting-edge technology, consistent and dependable quality, prompt and courteous service, rigorous and effective guarantee management for the client produce more valuable technology and products.

Main Products & Services:
Nitrogen Generator
N2 Making Machine
Psa Nitrogen Generator for Laser Cutting
Nitrogen ...

N2 Generator

Staff: 2-10

The industry pioneer in creating the purest nitrogen generation systems for use in automobiles, both personal and commercial, is N2 Generator (N2G). The N2G-6 is the most recent chance for dealers to increase sales, earnings, and client retention.