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Shenzhen Iboolo Optics Co.Ltd

Year Established: 2012 Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Shenzhen Iboolo Optics Co.Ltd is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, the famous manufacturing base of dermatoscope. We are professional Industrial supplier and manufacturer of Dermatoscope, Macro lens, Microscope and Woods Lamp. In foreign markets, IBOOLO products are sold well in India, Australia, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, etc and other countries, continual boost of customers is the best evidence of our achievement. By combining the engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance phases of a project. For business and industrial clients, we can drastically save complexity and expenses. As the dermatoscope markets expanding, our company will keep working to strengthen its foundational competitive advantages, develop a novel framework for conducting international trades, and provide society with the finest goods and services possibly.


Year Established: 2018 Staff: 51-200

Mylo is a one-stop, full-stack platform that supports young parents closely and increases their level of happiness. All a parent needs for their parenting journey is available on the platform: curated products, a supportive community of moms and experts, and a personalized experience. Our goal at Mylo is to provide young parents the tools they need to build wholesome, happy families.


Year Established: 2022 Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong

With over eight years of experience, our company is a prominent supplier of medical equipment for export and supply chain management. Our primary offerings comprise endoscopes, ultrasound scanners, laboratory apparatus, operation/emergency equipment, devices for maternal and infant care, pumps, medical X-ray machines, ICU apparatus, ECG, EMG, EEG, patient monitors, ward nursing supplies, standard diagnostic instruments, equipment for education and training, hemodialysis machines, dental supplies, veterinary supplies, and additional related medical disposables.We forge enduring relationships with customers and have shipped goods to more than 50 nations. It is our responsibility to make you happy!It will be a great pleasure for us to assist you. We sincerely hope that we can continue to assist you in the medical field and establish a strong business rapport with you.Our notable benefits:1 Economical medical supplies2. Cutting-edge manufacturing techniquesThree Effective advisory services4 OEM services with logos, specific functions, packages, and materialsFive expert technical assistance6 Dependable and secure transit

Main Products & Services:
Ultrasound Scanner
Laboratory Equipment
Patient Monitor
Operation Room Equipment

Shantou Easywell Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd.

Year Established: 2015 Staff: 22 Location: Shantou, Guangdong

Hi, Respected DistributorOur organization provides an array of products that can satisfy your diverse needs. Since the founding of the business, we have operated under the management tenets of "quality first, customer first, and credit-based," and we constantly try to meet the needs of potential clients. Given the irresistible force with which the trend of economic globalization has developed, our company is genuinely willing to collaborate with businesses worldwide in order to achieve a win-win outcome.We, at Easywell Electronic Technologies Co. Ltd., have spent approximately fifty-five years developing, manufacturing, and marketing LED operation lamps, surgical lamps, operation tables, examination lamps, X-ray viewers, LED headlights, LED medical light sources, LED magnifying and diagnostic lamps, LED-UV examination lights, and infant blue lights. In addition, we provide stainless steel items, medical trolleys, examination tables, oxygen concentrators, suction machines, ultrasound scanners, and other furniture, as well as mechanical and electric medical scales.We have all the certifications related to quality, such as the most recent MDR that the European market has requested, CE, ISO, FSC, etc. In regulated markets such as Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, etc., our products are widely accepted and exported to over 98 countries. We are in search of a distributor for our goods. If you would like further information about our business and product line, please contact us using this form.We are committed to serving our esteemed customers, and we also accept OEM requirements if you have a large enough order. It is quite convenient to ship from our factory, which is located in Shantou City, Guangdong province—the same province as Shenzhen, Guangzhou.Warmest regardsYayihua and Shantou Minston Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.

Main Products & Services:
LED Surgical Light
LED Examination Lamp
LED Headlight
LED X-ray Viewer
LED Infant ...

Guangzhou Med Equipment Limited

Year Established: 2010 Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong

A single point of contact for lab and medical supplies in Guangzhou.Our business partners now number over 2000 hospitals. Superior product quality and first-rate service at a factory price. Quick delivery. Ideal option for medical equipment in hospitals.Guangzhou, a major city in southern China, is home to Guangzhou Med Equipment Co., Ltd. In the global medical hospital equipment market, Med Equipment is a top supplier.In Guangzhou, Guangdong, (Canton), China, we are a reputable supplier of medical equipment.Medical products include: X-ray, ultrasound, and X-ray protective products; lead glass, lead apron; autoclave; sterilizer; doppler ultrasound; 3D/4D ultrasound; ecografo; ECG; patient monitor; oximeter; defibrillator; surgical equipment; anesthesia machine; medical ventilator; breathing machine; respirator; surgical equipment; operating table; operating lamp; operating light; pendant; hospital bed; medical cart; medical refrigerator; vaccine refrigerator; chest freezer; video endoscope, gastroscope, colonoscope, flexible endoscope, laparoscope, hysteroscope; microscope, surgical microscope; hematology analyzer; biochemistry analyzer; electrolyte analyzer; Elisa reader; urine analyzer; centrifuge; pipette; microtome; tissue processor; suction machine,Our GoalOur seasoned team members are driven by a single goal: To establish Med Equipment as the most dependable provider of hospital equipment globally, as well as the clinic providers' and patients' first choice. Med Equipment's unwavering commitment to quality ensures its excellent quality and performance.Our CustomersA few of our numerous clients include clinics, hospitals, labs, doctor's offices, distributors of portable X-ray machines, healthcare professionals, and mobile veterinarians.Our OfferingYour first choice for equipment for clinics and hospitals is Med Equipment! Excellent technical support, a superior distribution network, and long-term warranties ensure after-sale service.Additional medical equipment items in the Med Equipment line include:Supplies & Equipment for HospitalsProducts for Education and TrainingLab Supplies & EquipmentSupplies for Treating Respiratory and Sinus InfectionsDental Equipment, Products, and SuppliesSurgical Equipment, Supplies, and InstrumentsVeterinarian Supplies & EquipmentSkin and Wound Care Items & ProvisionsProducts & Supplies for DiabeticsProducts, Equipment, and Supplies for DiagnosticsSupplies & Equipment for Emergency Medical CareMedical Supplies & Home Health Care ProductsMedical Apparel, Medical Uniforms, and ScrubsProducts for MobilityOrthopedic SuppliesRehabilitative Tools and SuppliesSports Medical Supplies & EquipmentLiving SupportsAnd a great deal more.

Main Products & Services:
X-Ray Machine
Veterinary X-Ray Machine
Portable X-Ray Machine
Digital X-Ray Machine

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited

Year Established: 2010 Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong

Established in 2006, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited was one of the first suppliers in China to offer one-stop services for medical equipment.We took part in the building of several Grade A tertiary hospitals abroad and became one of the top suppliers recognized by the governments of Zambia and the Philippines, out of over 2,000 hospitals, clinics, and universities with partnerships across the globe. Furthermore, with our comprehensive services, we have earned certification as a Golden Supplier from E/F, TUV, SGS, and COC, and we carefully choose our component suppliers, sharing the same ones with national aerospace programs. Among our benefits are one-hand rates, OEM/ODM services without a minimum order quantity (MOQ), 99% on-time delivery, DDP terms, and convenient payment options. With our online training for installation, operation, and daily maintenance, as well as our immediate reporting of every order sector by professionals, the majority of issues encountered with overseas trades may be resolved, eliminating any potential worries. Customers from all over the world can be supported via communications in Cantonese, English, Spanish, and French.By serving every client with integrity, accountability, effectiveness, and mutual gain, we hope to improve medical conditions for a greater number of individuals. We welcome and appreciate any opportunity to collaborate.

Main Products & Services:
Sterilizer; Dental chair; Hyperbaric oxygen chamber; Infant incubator


Year Established: 1995 Staff: 超过 10,001

Hong Kong is home to the company E & E MAGNETIC PRODUCTS LIMITED.

Changsha GOMECY Electronics Limited

Location: Beijing, Beijing

Since 2006, we have developed, manufactured, and supplied a broad variety of aesthetic equipment and beauty salon equipment worldwide under the GOMECY brand, which has grown steadily. We do this by combining R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Service into one cohesive unit. We are able to claim "we make quality" because we offer OEM and ODM customer service along with our products.From Africa via Asia, Europe, and America. We offer one-stop shopping; at our business, you may find everything you need for beauty. To bring the aesthetic and health benefits of salon beauty equipment to clients worldwide, GOMECY primarily supplies IPL, E-light, DPL hair removal photo rejuvenation equipment, RF treatment apparatus, Diode laser, CO2, 980nm Diode laser, EMSLIM sculpting, HIFU, fractional RF, 5D& 6D lipo laser, Shock wave, Er: YAG, Er: Glass, ND: YAG laser service, and weight loss equipment. Additionally, we offer multipurpose beauty salon equipment like face steamers, magnifying lamps, vacuum cleaners, galvanic, and 7 in 1 systems. Additionally, we provide beauty beds, chairs, manicure tools, trolleys, etc."Striving for best quality, creating best interest for customers" is our philosophy as we concentrate on offering the best selection of goods. Our dedication to delivering the highest caliber equipment and our strict quality control have allowed us to pass many certifications such as FDA, Medical CE, ISO13485, RoHS, etc. Starting in our workshop, we follow a meticulous process that starts with our assembly line, moves on to electrical installation and testing in our clinic and plant, and ends with a rigorous 24-hour test before everything is packaged and shipped out. We help our clients understand that "they come first" by giving each product a unique serial number for tracking purposes.We consistently uphold the "Customers First" corporate attitude. With your help, we hope to lead the beauty and medical industries. We look forward to working with you.

Main Products & Services:
Skin Beauty Equipment
Body Beauty Equipment
Physical Therapy Equipment
Other Beauty ...

Beijing ADSS Development Co., Ltd.

Year Established: 2007 Staff: 310 Location: Beijing, Beijing

Yuyihua can help you stay at the forefront of the medical laser machine and aesthetics fields. With its own divisions for research and development, clinic, sales, and after-sales, ADSS is able to provide expert technology assistance as well as clinic data right away. Our team of experts integrates optics, machinery, electricity, and medicine to maintain us at the forefront of our area, making us one of the most reputable and top manufacturers in China.Our company has evolved into a modern one with a 160 000 m2 footprint and 300 additional staff members. We open an office in Japan and a branch firm in Hong Kong as well. Through hard work, ADSS Company was able to obtain numerous medical certifications on a national and international level for their various equipment, including CE, CFDA, and others. They also possess the right to import and export certificates as well as the certificate of record management for self-registration units.Our customer-focused company culture, along with the prioritization of science and technology, enables us to provide our customers with high-quality, cost-effective solutions, resulting in a growing global clientele. The goal of ADSS Company is to become a globally recognized OEM/ODM maker of all medical and aesthetic equipment by working hard at all times.ADS Principal Items:Diode laser hair removal (808 nm, 750 nm, and 1064 nm)* Long pulse laser hair removal (1064 nm)*HIFU* Facial* Body therapyHeat & Fractional RadiofrequencyForm of a vacuumLaser 20M RF vaginal tightening thermal tightening of the skin* Cavitation* 6SErbium glass laser 1540nm* Cryolipolysis* 635nm diode laserRadio frequency (RF) fractional laser, glass fractional laser, and fractional CO2 laser* Q-switch single pulse 1000 mJ, * Q-switch single pulse 800 mJ, * Single pulse 600 mJ, * Single pulse 400 mJ, * Single pulse 200 mJet Face Treatment with Oxygen2020*4S*3S*E light*SHR VETypical E-lightIPLVascular extractionAir conditioning apparatusRFPDT cosmetic dermatologyHere you are in China!Beijing, welcome to you!Here at ADSS, welcome!A GUIDE TO SHOPPINGToday's market is full of companies selling IPL, E-Light, and laser machines. Which, for the most part, are little and cottage industries corporations and trade enterprises that con customers. As a result, when negotiating a deal, all foreign clients are more careful. Please find below a few notices:If it's a large quantity order, please visit their factory and company. It is true to say that seeing is believing.2. View the production department, warehouse, and inspection equipment in the company's video.3. To determine if they possess their own production mold or design sketch4. Examine their certificates, which can be found on the official government website.5. Product assembly guidelines: Variations in assembly standards lead to variations in price. Protection is improved by more inquiries.

Main Products & Services:
Laser Vaginal Tightening; Digital Syringe Injector; 808nm Diode Laser Hair Remvoal; ...

Guangzhou Ofan Beauty Equipment Co. Ltd

Year Established: 2015 Staff: 90 Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong

What We Are: Founded in Guangzhou in 2008, OFAN Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive provider of beauty equipment services, integrating research and development, manufacturing, and distribution. With a production license for medical equipment and an ISO13485 certification, our team has 14 years of experience in the development, research, sales, and servicing of beauty equipment. Our R&D team helps us introduce roughly ten new products annually. We currently own 30 equipment patents in active status, including 7 utility patents. We also have a lab where we conduct tests to guarantee the safety and quality of our machines. For our machines, we have received CE certification. Our machines come with a free two-year warranty that covers internal part replacement, as well as online video support for after-sale assistance. Our best-selling items include the HIFU, Cryolipolysis, Plasma Skin, Slimming, and EMS NEO machines, as well as hair care items. The three markets we serve best are North America, West Europe, and East Asia. Furthermore, we display our cutting-edge goods and services globally by taking part in a number of different exhibits each year, including Dubai Derma, China International Beauty, and others.To satisfy your sourcing needs, we may draw on our vast OEM and ODM experience.Choosing a current product from our catalog or contacting us for engineering support for your use case We invite you to get in touch with us at any moment to establish mutually beneficial business relationships!

Main Products & Services:
Fat Freezing Machine
EMS Sculpting Machine
Cavitation RF Machine
Fractional RF Machine