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Shenzhen Iboolo Optics Co.Ltd

Year Established: 2012 Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

The headquarters of Shenzhen Iboolo Optics Co.Ltd are in Shenzhen, Guangdong. We are specialized in the R&D, production, and marketing of all varieties of Dermatoscope, Macro lens, Microscope and Woods Lamp. The products have been exported to 30 countries and regions. By combining the engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance phases of a project. For business and industrial clients, we can drastically save complexity and expenses. Since the trend of economic globalization has developed with an irresistible force, IBOOLO is sincerely willing to collaborate with enterprises from all over the world in order to realize a win-win situation.


Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu

XINDRAY MEDICAL INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd is a proficient provider of medical supplies, with expertise in a range of medical product categories, including dental, medical, medical disposable, and pharmaceutical items.Our pricing are highly competitive in the global market since we either manufacture our products ourselves or work with reputable Chinese companies. Meanwhile, we gain a lot of popularity with consumers because to our superior services and prompt deliveries.Our business can supply top-notch goods and services for international government tenders and procurement.We have made significant efforts to develop the global market since we are driven by market demand and have faith in brand building. For its excellent items, prompt delivery, and first-rate service, it has a solid reputation.superior customer serviceOur team consists of highly skilled technical and sales personnel that work efficiently and can offer you a wide range of services at any time.If you have any queries, we will respond to you in a day and address your concerns in a three-working-day period.2) Since we are knowledgeable about the demands of the local market, I can suggest the ideal product.3) We can replace the attachment we send you for free within the first year of its use, and we also offer lifetime after-sale support.Competitive Ratehaving a high annual export volume and being certified with CE, ISO, Certificate, etc. Our pricing are very competitive in the global market because we manufacture all of our items ourselves or in partnership with reputable Chinese companies.experts in tradeWith clients from the Middle East, America, and Europe, among other regions, our trade team has ten years of expertise on average. You can therefore be certain that we are aware of the demands in your market.Delivery on schedule1) Permit a timely response to shifts in the market and an immediate answer to client demands.2) Shorten the lead and planning times.3) After receiving your payment for the items, we set up the shipment for the consumers within 3–7 working days.We really appreciate your continued visit to our website!When you choose us, you're choosing high-quality goods and competent assistance.

Main Products & Services:
Medical Equipment
X-ray Machine
Hospital Equipment
Surgical Medical Product
Operation ...

Sunny Medical Equipment Limited

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong

Since 2012, Sunny Medical Equipment Limited has emerged as a prominent supplier of medical equipment supply chain services and exporters. We offer expert one-stop shopping for medical equipment, including X-ray machines, B-ultrasound scanners, patient monitors, ECG machines, ICU equipment, lab equipment, gynecology equipment, hospital furnishings, and associated medical supplies.Having over 8 years of experience, we have exported our products to over 60 countries and have gained a positive reputation due to our competitive pricing, superior quality, and first-rate customer service. Furthermore, we possess extensive experience in teaching universities, diagnostic centers, hospitals, clinics, labs, and healthcare facilities. Thus far, we have established several new hospital projects in Zambia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, IVF Center, Kenya, dialysis center, and so on. We have also established a new medical practice clinic and university in Zimbabwe. Being a dependable partner to our clients is ingrained in our culture.Prior to packing and shipping, every item cleared QC inspection. The majority of our medical equipment is FDA-certified, CE and ISO approved. In addition to offering training online, we can also offer in-person training at our office if you visit China. Our standard offerings include lifetime maintenance and a 12-month warranty. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, and we will respond to you within a day. Regarding shipping, we can assist you with shipping via air, sea, or DHL. We can also be in charge of shipping items to your Chinese shipping agent's warehouse if you have one.It is our responsibility to make you happy! It will be a great pleasure for us to assist you. We sincerely hope that we can be of further assistance to you in the medical field and establish a lasting business relationship!

Main Products & Services:
Ultrasound Scanner
Laboratory Equipment
Patient Monitor
Operation Room Equipment

ICEN Technology Company Limited

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong

ICEN Technology Company Limited has over eight years of experience as a medical machine supply chain service provider and leading exporter.Our primary offerings comprise of an X-ray machine, B ultrasound scanners, ECG, patient monitor, ICU apparatus, lab apparatus, and additional associated medical disposables. We have formed enduring relationships with clients and exported goods to over 108 countries.Guangzhou, China's busiest trading hub, is home to ICEN technology Co., Ltd.We have the smartest people in Guangzhou, the busiest market, and the most convenient transportation.After more than six years in business, we have earned the trust of our clients thanks to our excellent credit, superior quality, excellent efficiency, and superior service.We have completed numerous successful hospital and clinic projects in Africa, Asia, and other continents, and we are invited to professional medical fairs held abroad. We have also formed a strong partnership with retailers of medical equipment;More than 80 countries have purchased our products, including the Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Thailand, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and so forth;ICEN technology Co., Ltd has developed over the course of six years, and it is now widely recognized and distributed worldwide.Our clientele is predominantly African, but we also serve customers worldwide, and our sales continue to rise annually, positioning us as one of China's top 100 exporters of medical equipment.The product is the most crucial factor! Because we work with hundreds of the greatest Chinese suppliers, our products are highly varied, reasonably priced, and come with a flawless customer service record.Our comprehensive services encompass designing hospital structures, arranging furniture, installing medical equipment, and providing exceptional post-purchase support. We've made significant progress and are now a cutting-edge model for the neighborhood hospital project.Serving every client with compassion and upholding the integrity of our work is our ultimate goal!

Main Products & Services:
Ultrasound Machine
X Ray Machine
Medical Equipment
Hematology Analyzer

Nanjing Redsun Optical Co., Ltd.

Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu

In the domain of optical lenses and ophthalmic instruments, Nanjing Redsun Optical Co., Ltd. is a proficient manufacturer and distributor. In Jiangsu province, in the lovely city of Nanjing, is where our company is situated. Only 300 kilometers separate Nanjing from Shanghai, which serves as Jiangsu's political, economic, and cultural hub. In Nanjing City, there were six dynasty capitals.Our reputation has grown among our domestic and international partners and customers. We recommend other premium products to our customers in addition to our own line of products. Our role as a "purchaser" for our clients evolved over time. We assist clients in taking quality inspection and saving time in this way. Our secret to success is "Price, Quality, Delivery, Service". Our ten years of business relationships and experience have allowed us to save money on raw materials, which allows our final products to be priced competitively.The factory is home to our employees. Their great work ethic makes it possible for our factory to produce a lot. Our inspection department inspects the finished products after they are completed. We guarantee that every item we deliver to customers satisfies their needs. Every client receives post-purchase assistance from us. We will pay attention to meeting their needs and follow up on their specific request. Clients are not just our clients; they are also our friends. Our constant concern is how to assist our clients in conducting more business. We consider our company closer to success when customers experience significant growth and increased profits.We'll continue upholding our moral code and forming new friendships. Sincere hopes are held for the development of enduring business relationships with both domestic and foreign clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information about our business or our products.

Main Products & Services:
Optical Lens
Ophthalmic Equipment
Optical Instrument
Ophthalmic Instrument
Auto ...