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Shenzhen Iboolo Optics Co.Ltd

Year Established: 2012 Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Shenzhen Iboolo Optics Co.Ltd was established in 2012, a manufacturer and wholesaler specialized in Dermatoscope, Macro lens, Microscope and Woods Lamp with 11+ years experience. Our products sell well in China and have been sold as far as to 30 foreign countries and regions, such as India, Australia, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, etc. IBOOLO works to provide our clients across the world with high-quality and high-performance dermatoscope products and solutions. We truly appreciate your supports and hope to work with you to create partnerships that are beneficial for both parties together, and our future is in our hands.

Fuzhou Faithreach Ceramics & Electronic Co., Ltd.

Year Established: 2010 Staff: 95 Location: Fuzhou, Fujian

Minqing Chiyuan Fuxin Electrical Porcelain Factory was established in 1993 and was the forerunner of Fuzhou Faithreach Ceramics&Electronic Co., Ltd. We have nearly twenty years of experience in the porcelain and ceramics industry. We have developed into one of China's top-tier professional producers and exporters of electrical goods. We employ skilled people, operate an effective production line, and possess state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Our goal is to provide our customers with the greatest service and high-quality items. We have created a wide range of products to satisfy the needs of various nations thanks to our robust R&D expertise. Low-voltage porcelain accessories such as porcelain lamp holders, bases for lamps, knife switches, terminal blocks, connectors, sockets and fuses, and insulators are among our principal items. In addition, we offer high voltage insulators such as disc, pin, and suspension insulators, among others. VDE and CE have authorized the majority of our products. In addition, we offer bakelite and plastic lampholders, electric wall switches, sockets, plugs, and other accessories. We have created a variety of LED lights, including floor, table, pendant, and night lights, among other interior lighting options, in response to consumer demand. Customers from over 40 countries hold a positive opinion of our products. Long-term and win-win is our guiding philosophy in business. We firmly think that religion may lead to both success and a fulfilled heart. We invite business partners from across the globe to collaborate with us. The greatest service will be provided to you by us.

Main Products & Services:
Knife Switch
Terminal Block
Table Lamp
Floor Lamp

Longmen Yue Niuniu Wood Art Processing Factory

Year Established: 2017 Staff: 58 Location: Huizhou, Guangdong

Established in 2 0 1 7, Longmen County Yueniuniu Wood Craft Co., Ltd. is situated in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, and benefits from easy access to transportation as well as a stunning natural setting. Our company employs five to eight people and occupies five thousand square meters.Our company is a skilled manufacturer with more than six years of experience in creating a wide range of wooden crafts, including round sticks, wooden bases, wooden covers, and wooden night lights. We also offer OEM and ODM services.Furthermore, we are working really hard to create new items that satisfy various needs. We provide our consumers worldwide, particularly in Europe, the USA, and Australia, with premium products at affordable costs. We are quite stable, with efficient logistical routes, punctuality, and safe arrival.We have seven laser engraving machines available for you to use to engrave your logo and designs into your goods.All phases of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to carving, polishing, soldering, and packing, are expertly controlled by our well-equipped facilities and outstanding quality control. Our goals are to prioritize quality and provide top-notch services, and we can guarantee on-time delivery of orders thanks to our large manufacturing capacity!Being a manufacturer, we were also able to quickly and efficiently handle bespoke orders and meet customer needs! Our knowledgeable staff members are ready at all times to go over your needs and guarantee complete client satisfaction!Customers from both domestic and foreign markets are cordially invited to collaborate with us for shared success!

Main Products & Services:
Wood Night Light
Wooden Base
Wooden Crafts
Wood Gift
LED Night Light

Jiangsu Hemei Home Furnishing Co., Ltd

Year Established: 2014 Staff: 87 Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu

Jiangsu Hemei Home Furnishing Co., Ltd was founded in 2002, and we relocated our new facility from Zhangjiagang City in 2014. Reaching Jiangyin Port takes about 30 minutes, and getting to Shanghai City takes about two and a half hours.Our company has over 20 years of experience in producing various decorative products such as cabinets, wardrobes, Shoji sliding doors, Fusuma sliding doors, folding goza mats, wooden bed frames, and related furniture.The size, thickness, and material of tatami mats can be customized, as well as the style, color, and wood of wooden furniture and the Japanese paper used on doors, based on the needs and preferences of the client or on the design and style of the room. Japan, Korea, Australia, Europe, Canada, and the United States have all received our products as exports. We have a wealth of international exporting experience.Our talented team can create various functional and stylish tatami rooms, enabling you to have a lovely and cozy home. In the interim, they can construct a charming and sophisticated room. We continue to use only environmentally friendly paint and glue, rather than wood and wooden boards as our primary raw materials. Every production process is strictly regulated by us. Ascertain the quality of every product. Chinese people are huge fans of them.Our factory constantly upholds the motto of "high quality with low price and all-sided service" and aspires to forge commercial ties with both domestic and foreign allies.

Main Products & Services:
Wooden Bed

Dongguan Lan Dun mechanical and electrical equipment ...

Year Established: 2012 Staff: 22 Location: Dongguan, Guangdong

A firm that has been specializing in UV curing equipment for more than ten years is Dongguan Landun Electromechanical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. No. 10 Wusha Xing 2ND Road, Chang′an Town, Dongguan City is where the business is situated. With integrated R&D, production, and sales, the company is a professional global manufacturer of UV curing equipment. Over fifty workers and almost a hundred sets of cutting-edge production machinery. There are around thirty persons in total, a substantial number of engineering and technical management personnel at all levels. The company has 5,000 square meters of space under its roof. 3, 000 square meters are dedicated to construction. The talent pool at "Blue Shield Electromechanical" is continuously enhanced in response to market demands, technical advancements, and the notion of post-purchase support. Associated with the "2025 China Zhizhi" broad blueprint for strategy.Focused on UV machines, UV curing machines, UV light curing machines, UV LED light curing machines, portable UV machines, desktop UV machines, multi-face illumination type light curing machines, UV machines for spraying plastic hardware, and PCB lines is Blue Shield Electromechanical. This page lists goods from the offset coating machine installed UV system, wood floor furniture industry UV machine, bonding UV glue industry curing machine, light solid machine for silk screen printing, and UV light cleaning machine (modified machine) series. UV electronic power supply development and manufacturing was carried out independently, and it was recognized as a high-tech product in Guangdong Province. Utilizing independently developed single-chip technology, the German-imported Infineon IGBT module powers the UV energy-saving power supply. Additionally, the business made investments in long-term, foreign LG, LEDUV, and third-generation new product development. Chip producers like Seoul continued to have strong strategic ties and formed a strategic alliance with China's biggest chip maker, Sanan Group. It has appropriately aided in the growth of the LEDUV industry. in reaction to the motherland's efforts to preserve the environment, promote green economy, and aid humanity.In order to fulfill the strategic plan "Blue Dream, Blue Shield Core". The factory has developed "internal strength" by developing a management system for implementing responsibility in various functional divisions and workshops, and by fully executing internal management improvement of the company in recent years! And to satisfy the demands of the global 4.0 technology market, we keep enhancing the product intelligence technology in line with market need. In order to improve the pool of technology and talent, 211 engineering colleges have formed a school-enterprise joint cooperation model. They have also joined the China Sensitive Society Radiation Curing Committee, the Asia Radiation Curing Association, and other industry organizations. By joining the association, they are able to broaden their corporate view and follow the entire international UV curing technology process.We uphold the value of quality and dependability in terms of pricing. Since all of the company's procurement accessories are premium brands both domestically and internationally, every product made by Blue Shield Electromechanical is guaranteed to be of consistent, dependable quality. We have the ability to customize various goods to satisfy the needs of various markets and sectors. Our mission is to provide UV curing equipment that is robust, distinctive, and ecologically friendly for people from all walks of life, both domestically and internationally.Its "Blue Shield" brand has gained industry recognition since its founding and grown to become a leader in the Chinese UV market. The "Blue Shield" brand has made significant progress in leading the international UV market. In the eyes of dealers and customers, "Blue Shield" UV series goods are considered household names and are referred to as "a thousand horses" in the sector.

Main Products & Services:
UV Curing Machine

Shenzhen Meixin Industry Co., Ltd.

Year Established: 2018 Staff: 23 Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Professional maker of cosmetics and personal care items, Shenzhen Meixin Industrial Co., Ltd., has passed the ISO9001: 2008 QUALITY SYSTEM and ISO14001: 2004 ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEM. With 20,000 square meters of area and over 200 skilled personnel, the plant is well-equipped.We provide a variety of products, such as UV nail lamps, LED nail lamps, UV sterilizers, and IPL hair removal.CE, RoHS, CB, GS, C-TICK, GOST, and WEEE certifications have all been properly met by the products. which, among other nations and areas, have been extensively sold to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America, and others. Every one of our clients has given our products and services a lot of recognition and appreciation.Our aim and mission is to provide the best service possible to help all of our customers grow and expand steadily in their local markets. We have our own R&D team that develops the newest products every year to provide the best quality products at reasonable prices. Our products can also be customized to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our company's skilled staff can provide customized solutions.We consistently uphold the company's mission of "HONEST, HIGH QUALITY, FIRST-CLASS SERVICE." If you choose us, you can count on a trustworthy and sincere friend and partner right away. Give us a go; we'll provide you with top-notch goods and assistance. temperature gauge, 500 people are employed in manufacturing as of right now, with over 40 working in the RD and sales departments.Our goal: To give everyone access to cutting-edge, eco-friendly smart nail products. Our mission: Let your beauty radiate forever.Our worth Intelligence, environmental preservation, and health

Main Products & Services:
Nail Lamp
Nail Dryer
Eyelash Lamp
Nail Drill
Nail Clipper
Nail Gel Polish
Nail Dust ...

Ningbo Sunkin Electrical Co., Ltd.

Year Established: 2014 Staff: 9 Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang

Ningbo, China's second deep port, is home to Ningbo Sunkin Electrical Co., Ltd., a professional supplier of electrical nail drills, UV LED nail lamps, nail dust collectors, and other accessories for nail beauty and nail care.After developing for more than 8 years, we are now a high-tech nail machine products company with more than 50 employees, a 2500 square meter space, and more than 200 models of nail lamps, electrical nail drills, dust collectors, nail gel polish, brushes, fake nail tips, nail tools, stickers and decals, and other nail decorations available.All raw materials must be qualified before being placed in our warehouse in accordance with the "quality first, customer first" policy; Quality inspection in five processes is essential throughout production: These inspections—1) step-pre-production sample inspection, 2) second step-installation inspection, 3) step-aging inspection, 4) step-appearance inspection, and 5) step-package inspection—assure high quality and minimal defect rates.Every product has a valid CE and RoHS certificate.As a dependable partner, we guarantee excellent quality, competitive pricing, and gratifying service, and we'll never stop working toward it.To our advantage:All beauty products at one convenient location.Exclusive on goods for nail beauty...Long-lasting warranties on premium goods.Quick delivery.little MOQ.affordable pricing.OEM, ODM, and customer sourcing assistance for accessories are provided.Please feel free to inquire.

Main Products & Services:
UV LED Nail Lamp
Nail Drill
Nail Dust Collector
UV Nail Dryer

Yangzhou Yihang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Year Established: 2022 Staff: 5 Location: Yangzhou, Jiangsu

The headquarters of Yangzhou Yihang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., a reputable manufacturer and supplier of lighting products for residential, commercial/industrial, and specialty lighting applications, are located in Jiangsu, China. We have a sizable sales channel and market network both in China and abroad. In addition to more than 50 additional nations and regions, our products are shipped to Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Latin America, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, and Africa. With our main clients in China and many other international corporate organizations, we are grateful to have achieved the company goal of developing mutually beneficial relationships and sustainable development through long-term partnership. We are highly known for our excellent customer service, extensive product knowledge, and packaging design expertise.We intend to maintain our current pace of growth in terms of production and sales volume, product line diversification, output, and quality standards. We use the IEC standard for all of our goods, and we hold ISO9001-2008 quality management certification as well as the CCC environmental protection certificate and ISO14000 environmental certification. Every one of our products is RoHS approved.Being a leader in technology, a professional, and a strong-willed individual is the cornerstone of business development; the operation track involves pursuing excellence and building a name brand; the mission is to develop a solid reputation and build a first-rate transnational lighting enterprise. With our cutting-edge technologies, superior goods and services, and creative ideas, we will always be dedicated to expanding alongside our domestic and international clients.Light up your world with our love, Yihang Lighting!

Main Products & Services:
Germicidal Lamp
LED Bulb
Commercial Light
Specialty Lighting

365 Global

Year Established: 2005 Staff: 2-10

65 Global is a multifaceted consulting company that offers services for business registration and establishment in Pakistan. We offer professional services to help with the registration of private limited companies, partnership firms, and sole proprietorships/traderships.

Year Established: 2012 Staff: 11-50

Easy RemediesOur sincere belief is that simple solutions may be constructed from even the most complex ideas. We make every effort to ensure that our products are easy to use and simple enough for individuals without specialized training or additional computer skills. We hope that our efforts can simplify your life.Clearly Stated DecisionsSincerity be damned, we try our hardest to explain to our clients the advantages of utilizing particular solutions. Our sincere solutions will undoubtedly save our clients' expenses.Enterprise ResolutionsFor the following industries: restaurants, spas, travel services, hotels, airlines, security, export-import, cargo and delivery, real estate, insurance, accounting, taxi, rental, limousine, medicine and health care, finance, loan and mortgage services, auto dealers & shops, etc. For every industry, we provide unique business solutions.Effective OutcomesAchieving the best possible outcomes for our clients is our aim. We work hard to use every technological advancement to achieve the most audacious outcomes possible. We are aware that a lot of people who need our help today won't be able to receive it tomorrow or the day after. The power of your successful outcomes is this.What we do: Database creation, cloud applications (SaaS), custom CRM, and ERP✅ Web design/coding, portals, e-stores, web apps /HTML5, Zend PHP/MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, C#, ASP.NET, Nord.js, etc. ★ Online booking, appointment, synchronization calendar, scheduling softwareProfessional Media & Video Presentations ★ Mobile Apps for Windows, Android, and iPhone PPC, SEO, SEM, and online social marketingMaking Connections with the Appropriate Resources